IB stands for International Baccalaureate, which involves children as active participants in the educational process. It is managed by a non-profit educational foundation in Geneva, Switzerland in 1968. This curriculum aims at developing “inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.” The international Baccalaureate expands to a three-stage educational program that spans students from 3-9 years:
Primary Years Program (PYP) 3-12 years
Middle Years Program (MYP) 11-16 years
IB Diploma (DP) 16-19 years

Our student’s intake is open during the year if we have suitable spaces in the respective classes. There is an entry assessment for all students prior to admissions so we know each child’s strengths and areas of development as soon as they arrive so we can support them appropriately on their learning journey.

IB makes premier different from the rest, by focusing on active and participative learning which lays its emphasis on the development of a child as an enquirer both within and beyond the classroom.

Our learners demonstrate the attitudes of a mindful and confident individual. We help them to develop life- long skills which make them a better social being.

The topics of the National Curriculum are incorporated in the IB framework of teaching, with emphasis on learning through inquiry and discovery.

As an IB world school, PIS benefits from a number of resources provided by The IB, including professional development opportunities and the organisations online curriculum centre (OCC) for all its educators, also we ensure all the teachers involved in active teaching have taken the training in different categories given by professional IB trainers along with refreshers from time to time. Level coordinators also organize in-house training and workshops regularly.

We keep a log of individual child’s profile, not only the academic progress but also their social and their behavioral progress along with their participation in extracurricular activities. Parents are briefed on child’s progress once a month; in case of concerns, we offer more support by meeting the parent for PTC.

We have provision of assistant teacher assigned to each class, whose area of work includes assessing struggling pupil and giving them extra support. Parents and Teachers get to meet each other on Parent Teacher Conference and set individual learning plan.

Classroom capacity is 30 each as we have 2 -sections in each class. The total capacity of the school is 600.

Yes, Rs.500 charge which includes Rs 25 admission form, Rs 100 for an entrance exam, Rs 375 for other materials.

Yes, students are supposed to appear written and reading tests. This assessment is often part of the application approval process.

Wait-lists do exist for most year groups and so parents are encouraged to apply early to secure a position on the wait-list. Please contact our Admissions Team for availability information for specific year groups.

The school starts at 8:15 and finishes at 3:00, Monday to Friday.