My Perspective on COVID-19

My Perspective on COVID-19

Currently the world is in great turmoil due to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID- 19). Sooner or later we will overcome this challenge. However, we cannot at present, speculate the amount of loss from this unprecedented situation. Now, is the time to come together and fight against this pandemic. Rather than panic or stress about things not under our control we should direct our attention in following a few basic preventive measures. A silver lining, after this is over, we can achieve numerous positive changes.

The fact is that “We cannot go against nature”. Besides the current COVID-19 pandemic, over the centuries the world has been suffering from afflictions of natural disasters, poverty, hunger, terrorism, other diseases or pandemic and many more. Many of these are a result of mankind’s carelessness and underestimation which has caused us a great deal of loss. 

Unhealthy and unnatural competition is prevalent in the name of development, progress, power and ego. We may have prospered as individuals, communities and countries but, shouldn’t we be aware of the limitations of progress? If we stretch an elastic band beyond its capacity it will eventually split in two. It’s the same with our daily lives and the world. I am aware that the 21st century is the era of innovation and technology. But now it is clear that the thirst for a desirable quality of life will not be beneficial for humankind in the longer run. Nowadays, we are so engaged in giving ourselves and our families a better and luxurious life that we have taken our lives for granted. A minuscule organism has brought the whole world into a state of chaos. The realization of the uncertainty of our health and the necessity of maintaining proper hygiene practices is upon us.

Why did the COVID-19 pandemic spread rapidly? Swift migration of people from one place to another, over-crowded restaurants, pubs, clubs, gyms, avoidable gatherings and our behaviors and etiquette caused the rapid spread of COVID-19 pandemic throughout the world. Not only COVID- 19, the spread of other diseases also occurs via the same pattern.

Therefore, we must think about our health and the disasters which may arise, as a result of our carelessness. Time has come to wake up and be alert without wasting another second. This is for sure, if we do not change, no force can save us and this planet.

 Let’s see the positive outcomes of COVID-19:

  1. World: 
    • We can potentially stop the possibilities of further disasters in the silhouette of development. 
    • As a result of global lockdowns, air quality has improved in many countries and the world seems to be momentarily free of pollution.”The earth is healing itself” e.g. the ozone layer which was damaged due to greenhouse gases is healing. 
    • The possibility of the development of brotherhood amongst us as we unite for a brighter future. Despite many differences, this is the first time the whole world is praying and wishing for the same that is free from COVID-19.
    • This will be an opportunity to correct ourselves.
    • After decades of horror, our ecosystem is reverting to its original form.
    • Everyone (person/country) has realized that their health is more important and knows the level of preparedness to combat any health crisis. Without health, wealth is but a distant dream. Rather than investing in weapons of mass destruction, on luxury and many other things we should all provide for the better Health and Education. 
    • Rest from this fast-paced world may change our perspectives on human behaviour as a whole and its impact on our wellbeing and to our future generations. 
    • Regular handwashing and improved personal hygiene practices have led to the seasonal decline of influenza. A valuable life lesson: personal hygiene is vital to prevent all forms of communicable ailments (Prevention is better than cure).
  1. Nepal:

There is a glimmer of hope that the government will prioritize better health care systems within the country, this is among the neglected aspects of many regions including Nepal. On a personal level, people should be healthier than well off.

The opportunity of spending some much-needed family time. People away at foreign lands are dearly missed and vice versa. Family members are helping each other with chores in the house and this togetherness will yield a stronger bond between two. 

Younger generations are spending their time with their family rather than spending time on their gadgets. Modern technology is a part of life, but overuse of it may also cause us harm (Nothing is more important than family).

Migrant communities have been one of the hardest-hit groups and perhaps this will be a big motivation for them to return to their countries with their experiences from developed nations to start afresh back home.

Sometimes old is gold, following our old traditions and culture. In the name of modernization, we are forgetting our roots. Greet with a Namaste more, try home remedies more often, they work. 

For the time being, the capital city, Kathmandu and other cities relishes break from hoards desiccating their beauty. Domestic migration for employment opportunities is a major factor in overcrowding. The rapidly increasing pollution in the cities has drastically changed due to the lockdown. This indicates, taking proper measures and adhering to it can reduce pollution.

  1. Our Mental health: 

We human beings are social animals. We need each other to live. We cannot live alone. We must satisfy certain natural basic needs in order to survive.  The lockdown that has been imposed on us has kept us away from our family members and friends. It is for our best that we maintain social distance. This lockdown has affected our physical state as well as our mental state. The first week of lockdown everyone was taking a break from their hectic schedules. But as it extended things got pretty rough for social animals like us. We cannot go anywhere we want, we cannot meet whoever we want moreover we are just like the animals stuck in the zoo. Lockdown at first was a good decision to take but when it keeps extending it has brought our lives to a standstill. It is sad to bring this to our fact that people have started to go in depression causing many suicide cases. It is also a way to test ourselves how we cope with the limited things. How we keep our mind busy, how we maintain our routine is being tested. Many things might not be the same after this eases up. Gatherings, parties, events and many other socializing activities will be considered. People will always have social distancing in their mind. We need to keep our mind focused on something, we need to engage ourselves in activities that will keep us away from the dark side. 

I am not against advancement or development to innovation but let our desire for materialism not bring more disasters in the coming days.

Now it’s the time to maintain equilibrium between nature, progress and other things.

They say, “The economy is in shambles”, but I say this prosperous economy which we yearn for, if, is not able to save lives, what is it worth? Today we might have money, power and everything we desire but in front of a microscopic enemy we, the human race are on our knees (Most of us might have realized where we stand). Time may be on our side today, but come tomorrow, if we do not learn from our mistakes, all of us will be affected. So, let’s come together for a better and brighter future before it’s too late.

“For now, Stay at Home and Stay Safe”

Thank You

By: Sunav Dhoj Thapa 

Grade 10 

Premier International School 

Bipin Shrestha